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Course Description

Length: 2 ½ Days

Level: Basic

Course Description: Our most popular course designed for newcomers to the lighting industry, Fundamentals of Lighting always attracts a diverse group of aspiring lighting professionals. Through lectures, full-scale lighting demonstrations and workshops, participants are taught basic lighting concepts and definitions; they learn to identify major light source families and understand where they can be used in a variety of applications; they will design basic lighting layouts, and learn how to calculate and present economic and environmental benefits of lighting upgrades. Specific application modules cover retail and hospitality, office and healthcare, industrial and warehouse, and outdoor area lighting. (Note: Lighting Essentials for Distributors is a similar course that includes more in-depth training on GE product lines – for GE distributors only.) Learning Objectives Understand basic lighting terms and definitions including lumens, footcandles, candelas, correlated color temperature (CCT) and Color Rendering Index (CRI). Learn about different light source technologies including LED, incandescent-halogen, fluorescent and high intensity discharge (HID). Review sustainability initiatives and legislation regarding energy codes and energy efficiency, carry out energy savings calculations and environmental benefit estimates. Obtain an overview of the lighting design process and understand specific considerations relevant to segments like retail, industrial, office and hospitality lighting.

Target Audience: New lighting specifiers and emerging professionals

When confirming your return flight arrangements from Cleveland to return home, please allow a minimum of 2 hours ground travel time from course conclusion time (1:00pm) to the airport. (1 hour from GE Nela Park to the airport and another hour for airport security and then to your departing gate)

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