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Course Description

Intermediate Lighting

Tuition: $450

Length: 1 ½ Days

Date: December 3-4,  2019

Credit: 1.0 CEU

Level: Intermediate

PREREQUISITES: Completion of Fundamentals of Lighting
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Course Description

Intermediate Lighting is offered as a continuation of the Fundamentals of Lighting course. The agenda includes some new topics of interest to lighting practitioners as well as more in-depth coverage of topics introduced in the Fundamentals class. This course will advance people along to the path to becoming “lighting experts” with particular emphasis on knowledge required to excel in this new world of LEDs and connectivity. Advanced topics in color metrics particularly relevant to LEDs will be discussed including an examination of the insufficiency of CRI and attempts to fill the gap with measures like R9, Gamut Area and CQS (Color Quality Scale). Photometric measures will be examined in more detail and consideration given to factors involved in selecting the right luminaire for retrofit applications and new construction. Other topics will include lighting control strategies and an introduction to “intelligent environments.”

Pre-requisite: Completion of the Fundamentals of Lighting class or equivalent.


Learning Objectives

• Understand key topics in color and other performance metrics being discussed in the industry today particularly as they pertain to LED systems.

• Better understand lighting photometrics and their roles in the luminaire selection process.

• Understand how lighting layout calculations are different for non-LED and LED luminaires. Evaluate the performance of lighting solutions using lighting layout tools and economic analysis calculators.

• Understand the importance of control strategies as a sustainable technology to balance proper light levels while achieving cost effectiveness targets.

• Appreciate the advancements of intelligent environments, which are taking lighting infrastructure beyond efficiency measures to connected environments.

• Overview of product solutions 

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