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Institute Webinars: LC Exam Prep - Basics

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for LC Exam Prep - Basics.

Course Description

LC Exam Preparation

Tuition: FREE

Length: 3 Separate Days via webcast @ 1-hour duration each webcast, including Q&A

2019 Course Dates: September 27, October 11, October 25.

Credit: 1.5 CEU (not eligible for LEUs)

Level: Intermediate / Advanced

RECOMMENDED:  Completion of Fundamentals of LED Lighting & Intermediate Lighting

*Approval needed for registration – See webinar links below


Course Description

A series of three, one-hour webinars will be presented to provide a technical foundation for students sitting for the LC exam.  While the LC exam covers a much broader list of subjects than being presented here, these webinars are being offered to provide a foundation upon which additional required topics can be explored and mastered.  The NCQLP web site provides the “Candidate Handbook”, which can be down loaded, and should be studied to understand the breath, depth and makeup of the exam.  Attendance of this webinar series does not guarantee passing the exam.


Webinar 1: The Science of Lighting and Basic Electricity

  • What is light?  You’ll learn about basic lighting metrics including; Spectral Power distributions, Lumens, Candela, Illuminance
  • Lighting Quality Metrics?  Sources vary greatly in light quality, this section will explore industry metrics such as Correlated Color Temperature, Color Rendering Index, R9 and beam spread that are seen every day on lighting cut sheets.
  • Electricity 101: Ohms law and single and 3-phase power will be presented.  Energy costs measured in $/kWh will be explored.


Webinar 2: Sources Overview

  • LED are dominating every lighting conversation, but there are still millions of legacy light sources being sold and in use across the world today.  This webinar will focus on the good and bad aspects of:
    • Halogen lamps, Fluorescent lamps and ballasts, HID lamps and ballasts
  • Legacy technologies will be discussed and then compare to LED alternatives. LEDs are almost always a better solution, but not always.

Webinar 3: SSL (aka LEDs) Overview

  • What is an LED, what is a driver, how do they work and what makes them so appealing?  We’ll discuss LED technology and its strengths and weaknesses.  Topics explored will be LEDs and drivers, Dimming LEDs, UL type A, B and C, TM-21, life ratings & reliability